Dead to Shame no matter how little: the children of noon called IPOB

Ekweremadu being Rough-handled by alleged IPOB's renegades.

Children are a gift from God. They are also a joy from heaven descended to earth for which deserving parents and well-wishers are eternally thankful.

And when they are properly raised, some level of decorum and regard for their parents and all others who are way older is expected of them at all times.

They are also expected to show regard for constituted authorities and inclusive of the leaders religious, traditional and political, elective or appointive.

Among the Yoruba, when a child shows penchant disregard for elders and displays a ready disposition to be uncouth, lacks self-restraint and throws caution to the wind especially in public, he or she more often than not is believed to be dead to shame. Above all, he or she is equally regarded as a child of noon.

Omoye (not Omoyele Sowore) is the regrettably historical, contemporary and futuristic child of such disgraceful characterization in the Yoruba's world view.

And when all efforts to redeem him hit the rock, it is categorically lamented of him to have irredeemably run amuck in the marketplace with insanity.

The world, not necessarily Nigeria alone, has them in their numbers. Today, our hands are full with the task of curtailing lawless breeds amongst us as well as rescue the country from its enemies within and without.

When efforts to realize such laudable aspirations are on course, it is quite curious that the same people who largely sneered at the sights or sounds of genuine drives towards achieving these ends by others and pride themselves as the custodians of the finest of social, political and humanistic ideals, to name a few, could once more maniacally descended into a rehearsed abyss of shamelessness.

When former deputy senate president, Senator Ike Ekweremadu sets out for Nuremberg, Germany to deliver a key note address at the 2019 annual New Yam Festival of the Ndi Igbo, little did he know what lay in stock for him over there, at least in the negative.

It is no longer news that he ended up being assaulted by a waiting mob that tore his cloth and dragged him out of the event.

In a short video clip which had gone viral on social media the lawmaker, who has served in the Senate since 2003, was dazedly seen being pelted with all manners of projectiles stones, yam, sticks and water packs perhaps in apparent obedience to the IPOB’s directive to its members.

Dressed in isiagu, a pullover shirt worn by the Igbo people on important occasions, Ekweremadu was reported to have been attacked at Löwensaal am Tier Garten, Nuremberg, venue of this year’s annual New Yam Festival of the Igbo.

The New Yam Festival holds at the end of the rainy season in August and symbolizes the end of the harvest and the beginning of a new planting season.

The age-long festival is celebrated across Nigeria and the world over wherever the Igbo people live.

In the said video clips, the angry mob can be seen preventing the lawmaker from escaping, but he was later rescued and whisked away in a Mercedes-Benz car, even as the mob continued to pound him.

However, according to the Nigerian Ambassador to Germany Yusuf Tuggar, despite the commotion, the event he said to have gone on as planned,

In a tweet via his handle @YusufTuggar on Saturday, the diplomat who was at the event wrote, “The Nuremberg yam festival organized by the Ndi Igbo Germany still took place and I was in attendance. There is no stopping Nigeria. It opened with the Nigerian and German anthems and I addressed the crowd.”

And I wondered how an event which ended in such a scandalous manner can be so described as having gone on as planned. Does it mean it was an item on the agenda to ruffle and hassle a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Now as the event continued to get rave reviews the world over, I hear within the Nigerian media space that what was meted out to him was a strong and clear message of disapproval of the quality of representation the people of South-east are getting from their representatives.

Cast your mind back in time, this same man was for four years the deputy senate president of the 8th National Assembly and there was no question mark over his representation even though his ascension was not without controversy.

Nothing was wrong as he emerged a beneficiary of the coup staged by the former senate President Bukola Saraki in the estimation of IPOB and their apologetics.

I also hear that the Nuremberg shame was a way of treating his ‘fucked up’ like they use to say in the underworld. The unconfirmed story was that he Ekweremadu was at some point in time sympathetic to and an active financier of the course of IPOB but he appears to be hesitant in his dealings with the group these days.

The last of the alleged raisons d’etre behind Nuremberg show is an attempt to register the displeasure of the South-easterners over the continuous reports of atrocities being committed by Fulani herdsmen especially in the South-east.    

But if you’re discerning and have some analytic skills, you will discover that two of the above reasons are what they are, mere excuses; and cannot hold water when subjected to integrity tests.

To start with, if the attack is to show the disapproval of the attackers and their sponsors on behalf of South-easterners, the next question would be is Ike Ekweremadu the only elective or appointive of the people of the east?

If the answer is no, it then means there is more to it than meets the eye. Because more powerful than Ekweremadu are the governors of the five South-east states. In fact, it has been said that they live as emperors like their counterparts across the length and breadth of the country

And more in terms of dividends of democracy should be demanded of them than directing an unwarranted insult and anger on Ike Ekweremadu, whose only responsibility is to make laws but cannot enforce them.

But I know the IPOB renegades are constrained even if they would’ve loved to carry out similar attacks on their governors simply because the governors have at their beck and call the necessary security machinery to ward off an attack like that.  

Take also the last of the reasons being advanced which is that Fulani herdsmen are allegedly killing and raping women of the east.

The first thing that struck me is that just as there are criminal elements who are Fulani by descent operating in the South-east, I can tell anybody who cares to listen and without bias too that there are criminal elements of an equal number if not more operating in different parts of the country who are of Ibo descent.

And that applies to all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. So the trouble is we’re focusing unduly on the ethnic in the criminal rather than focusing on the criminals for their criminality.

Now the reason that looked more like it for me as justifying the savagery visited on senator Ike Ekweremadu is that he was once either sympathetic to or financing the activities of the outlawed group but now he appears to be no longer willing or hesitant to do same.

It is something synonymous to betrayal and to the mob, it is the most unacceptable of infractions from an initiate.

All said and done, the bottom-line to the Nuremberg event is that IPOB and its apologetics have only succeeded in acting like children of noon which indeed they are. They are dead to shame having just run amuck in the marketplace of the diaspora for insanity.

And I sincerely hope the German government will do the needful by not just fishing out the perpetrators of the dastardly act but bring them to justice at least to underline their name as a police state.

Finally, I think it is regrettable if the picture that sticks in the heads of some people is that of approval of what happened in Nuremberg and that it is an indication that Nigerians are now ready to take their destiny into their own head.

Nigeria practices democracy and has elective officials in place I want to remind them, the system may not be perfect yet but it will get better in the course of time because it is a process and not an event.       

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