Obiwanne Okeke's Arrest and prosecution for fraud is a proof of just one thing

Obiwanne Okeke

It is no longer news that Nigerian born, Obiwanne Okeke was arrested in the United State on fraud charges totalling $11 million.

Before now like many of his ilk, he has been living the fake life of an entrepreneur without anybody suspecting anything.

He probably must have been a generous philanthropist, a devout Christian and a shining light in youth meetings who sermonizes and gives motivational speeches to select gatherings.

As of 2016, Okeke, was said to hold both a Bachelors and a master’s degree (MA) in International Relations and Counter Terrorism (cum laude) from Monash University, Australia.

Therefore, his rise to fame and fortune must have been very dramatic because at 31 he has been able to amass million dollars investments that cut across oil and gas, telecoms, agriculture to name a few.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is not possible for somebody in that age bracket to become rich and influential. But it must be earned and through honest means too which is not in his case.

For long, he apparently belong in the league of enterprising young Africans to watch in the estimation of unsuspecting people and institutions.

As such, he must necessarily have a throng of younger people around him looking to be like him in the future.

Certainly, they would have been running a needless race and when things don't work out early enough they will start to blame and curse their stars whereas the young man they were trying to emulate is holding something back from them. He is a scam artist.

And clearly like a Yoruba adage says: "He who doesn't how his contemporary prospers is liable to fall to his death trying hard to play catch up".

The worrisome aspect for me is the conferment of honours and legitimacy by the so called reputable agencies like Forbes and the likes which was clearly done without due diligence.

This means just one thing. Never should people swallow hook, line and sinker what these rating agencies churn out by way of rich and influential lists be it of entertainers, entrepreneurs, and politicians. We must learn to be circumspect.

Most imoortantly, this is another call to action for parents, guardians, governments and those who matters in the society to take proactive steps to checkmate this trend because a lot of social distortions have been and are being created by Nigerians with overnight fortune.

It is the number one reason why the youths today are willing and ready to do crazy stuff and that include 'get rich or die trying' as captured in the lyric of the popular American rapper, 50cent.

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