Life On A Downside.With A Feisty Mother

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As a woman, her three kids, and their house-girl laden with two small cartons and a polybag of consumable walked down the staircase of an Abuja supermarket, suddenly it began to rain. It was a heavy rainfall but surprisingly devoid of high wind. It was a well-heralded one going by its anvil-headed cloudy onset.

Obviously taken aback by the development and unprepared to let her kids walk through it, understandably though, she approached the security personnel on duty and asked to be allowed to drive in to enable her to pick her family and all she has bought from the supermarket.

The head-guard politely turned down her request citing the existing rule of engagement that no customer should be allowed to drive into the supermarket premises for reasons of lack of space.

He went a little further to intimate the woman that since the commencement of operations by the plaza where the supermarket is housed, only the MD normally parks her car in the premises.

The chairman who is also the husband to the MD hardly ever drives in much less parked his car in the premises.

The only people that are occasionally exempted from this regulation are the products delivery mini-buses and the bikes.

Many times too, they are also denied access and asked to park outside. The lack of space was that acute and the approach has ensured sanity.

But the woman would have not of it. She flew into a rage questioning the authority of the guard on why she could not be allowed to drive in to pack her things even as the rain continues to pound everything in sight.

The guard would not shift ground as a man under authority which led to a heated argument. It was a battle that she was ready to give everything to win not minding whether or not it runs counter to the policy thrust of the supermarket's management.

The guard being very professional, however, tried to calm her down and imploring her to reason with him that being a security officer he's duty-bound to execute the existing traffic and security protocols put in place by the management of the plaza which also owns the supermarket. He also assures her that it is nothing personal.

Rather than becoming convinced, the woman became edgy and loudly abusive. She demanded to see the manager who unfortunately was not on the seat because it was a Sunday.

While her fit lasted, she insisted on driving in and even went as far as opening the gate. This the guard immediately countered. He railed it back to position and promptly put it under lock and key. This got her the more infuriated.

She nevertheless daringly drove her car with the aim of forcing her way in. She was prevented by other cars that were parked in such a manner that it would be impossible for another car to navigate in-between them.

After discovering that she was not making any headway and obstructing traffic on the narrow way that other road users were not finding funny, she decided to park the car properly. She yet immediately stormed out of the car to continue her insulting rants.

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The guard at this stage has to fade into the background of the circuitously nervy moment to avert a confrontation breaking out.

She, however, continued to rasp that had it not been for the obstructive cars, she would've either ran her car into the gate or look for something to break the gate's padlock and nothing would happen.

At this point, the CSO came out of the building from where he had been attending to other pressing matters. He was an elderly man and a retired prison official.

He also unsuccessfully tried to persuade the woman to see reasons with them. He even went as far as providing a solution that's most appropriate to the situation by sourcing for an umbrella- first a small one, then later a bigger one.

And he also offered to help in taking the children, who from the look on their faces could not understand what the fuzz by their mother was all about, to the car. The overtures fell on deaf ears.

But one could see that the children were more than prepared to walk through the rain as it is the manner of children, especially as it begins to peters out.

Playing in the rain is a moment children would always love to savor. More so, when the circumstance is even different  But their mother had other ideas. They must not walk in the rain no matter how mild and under an umbrella too.

And for the umpteenth time, she stormed out of the supermarket premises and went straight into her and drove off.

After a while, she returned and the shouting match continued this time around with the CSO who consequentially lost his cool.

It was then that the CSO dared her to do her worst and see if she would not be answerable for whatever damages she eventually caused.

For the last time, she exited the supermarket's veranda where her children, the house-girl, and the goods were. She now drove the car as if to permanently obstruct the entrance to the plaza.

By then, the CSO now has the full attention of the kids. And they were a conversational bunch of happy, smiling sweethearts who excitedly talked about their names, school, and various classes.  

The CSO's olive branch also continued as he attempted to immediately begin to move the kids covered with the umbrella towards the car. From afar, she screamed that her kids be let alone. And the CSO simply sat back on the plastic chair.  

Now the rain has subsided into a drizzle. In a surprise move, however, she began to move the kids, proudly and practically lifting them off the ground one after the other like eggs ostensibly to prevent their feet from touching the wet, clean floor of the plaza with its beautifully set interlocks and placing them in the backseat of the car.

When she was done, she zoomed off. And sanity immediately returned to the ambiance.  She would subsequently become a subject of intense and revelational conversation among the members of staff, bystanders, and fellow customers.

Many are of the opinion that her attitudes were unbecoming especially towards the security hierarchy who through their boss even went as far as providing an umbrella in the bid to amicably resolve the impasse.

Some confessed to knowing the husband whom they described as a perfect gentleman. And that she has caused the man embarrassments on a number of occasions. They concluded that she is not a worthy ambassador for wives and mothers

Some find fault in her approach to showing the children love, and I think I did too. To me, if there is a terrible way to love children, who are the next generation of parents and leaders whom we expect to lead by example, then the act she puts up must rank as one.

It's unthinkable that showing children love would include preventing them from being beaten by either the rain or, sunshine if I may add; and more so, unjustly fighting constituted authority on their behalf and constituting a public nuisance.  

Of course,  I've no objection to not wanting them to step out in the rain particularly when it was in its forceful state but to practically lifted them so their feet don't touch the floor even when it has calmed is a height of mischief and a disservice to their evolving personalities.

It's clearly not the kind of life any child would want to live. It's also not the kind of life parents, under any guise, should give to their children and wards. But then the choice is for each and every one of us to make and the consequences to live with.

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