Poetry : Burning

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Note: The poem you’re about to read was composed to console myself in the course of days and months of unmitigated loneliness, distraught, and existential boredom being separated from my young family as a conditional bachelor faraway in Abuja.

It expressively commemorates the love I’ve for a woman long after my heart and to whom I’m married, the vintage and certainly self-underappreciated, Funmilayo Olaluwe.

And it is part of forthcoming collected poems whose title is undecided yet. This is the first time also that it is being published anywhere.

I’m burning,
burning with the fiery fire of passion:
the passion for your mind, body, and soul;
the passion for your essences as a woman.
I can't wait to have you all for myself.
I can't wait to get swallowed up in your world;
a world seething with endless possibilities,
and assumed perfection only in dreams, desires, and wishes
that fade away in their waking moments.
I can’t wait to experience the inescapable bites of its thorns,
the soothing smell of its roses in bloom,
the flash flood of its emotive downpours,
the warmth of its habitation,
the ever-increasing fruitfulness of its mother earth,
the depth of its vanity,
the comforting reception of your tenderly bosom,
and your affectionate hands outstretched
wrapped around my being in spirit-filled ascent comforted
in the fragranced and candlelight ambience of the other room.
I can’t wait to take you to the land of a thousand stars,
Make you explode with exhibitive ecstasy
naked in their unearthly soapsuds of twinkles.
I can’t wait to glide on its hills, valleys, and rivers
with a loud scream of joy at my priceless freedom and pleasure.
I can't wait to make you feel like a queen,
for that has always been your divine portion.
I can't wait, likewise, to be crowned a king
for that is my honor.
Or have you seen an honorable king without a queen?
If you have, don’t hesitate to ink me
so I can pay him homage with coarse jesting.
I can't wait to have you complete me,
to have you fill this deepening void within my soul;
to have you put an end to this life's wanton waste,
to have you breakdown the iron bars of this life’s cage.
Then I would truly be free to live out my full potentials,
to live for you and you and you alone
till this sinking earth of mine bids all its fated good night.
Those have always been my dominant dreams,
my overarching desires.
Make haste then, my love, come to my rescue.
Make haste to put out this consuming fire of your absence, my love.
Make haste, come to me, my arms are wide open for your embrace.
For you are the first true seal of my consummate love apostleship,
the source of the fullness of joy to my manhood,
the substance of my marital faith comes full circle.
Come swiftly and don’t be late,
for you are my holy grail of love elixir.
I will wait; yes, I will
for your arrival can only be seconds away
after waiting for light-years for this longed-for dream to be fulfilled!

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