*Deji Olaluwe

Deji Olaluwe is a writer, social critic, poet, and blogger.  He is a native of Ogun state, south-west, Nigeria. And he currently lives in the Nigeria's capital, Abuja.

He is functionally educated. But he doesn’t see himself as being intelligent or smart. And he would appreciate if nobody ascribes any of those to him based on what they read from this blog.

For they are a chunk of words roughly beaten to sentences and paragraphs of meaningful expressions with the hope that they may be profitable to direct, inform, educate and essentially, entertain.

He loves life. And you might want to ask if he’s got a choice? But he would bet it that not everybody does. Otherwise, suicide cases wouldn’t be as rife as they are these days.

He is excited by a lot of subject matters which include politics, sports, culture, relationship, art, the enlightening process, name it.

And he randomly, or as the spirit directs, tries to share his thoughts and biases. He loves to meet people. He loves to see the wider world, too.  He loves music to bits, especially, Afro-centric genres. And he would one day love to be inducted as the patron guardian of the Yoruba music genres.

And just like everybody, he has his fair share of disappointments. And these include coming to wisdom late in life, occasionally not heeding prophetic declarations, and not being able to persevere when it matters the most.

In spite of everything, he’s still very much committed to finishing the race on the high. And if you will listen well enough, you will definitely feel the forces of sincerity, conviction, and determination in his voice.

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